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Our Women Stories

Best Workplace for Women

D.A Packaging always strives to make its work place suitable for its women workers. Our company policy encourages and empowers all women employees to grow through the process and succeed regardless of gender differences. Here are a few measures we take to empower women in our company.

Find ways to amplify the female voice
Diversify leadership by promoting women
Establish goals for improving gender diversity
Equal wages for equal work and experience
Fair parental leave policy
Participate in out of work activities that empower women


Purchasing Head

My name is Tirusew, I started working at D.A Packaging in 2012 G.C as time controller. Through time, getting an opportunity to build my carrier I am now serving my company as the Head of Purchasing department. During my stay at DA, I have benefited a lot both financially and in terms of upgrading myself. I like D.A’s work environment and internal social networking as we have smooth communication among employees as well as with the management team. Moreover, I feel D.A Packaging is the best company for Women, in terms of developing women carrier. They also have the best material leave practice.


Finance Supervisor

My name is Aster; I started working at D.A Packaging in 2012G.C as Junior Operator in DA’s Carton factory and got an opportunity to work as Print controller and store keeper as well. Right now I got the chance to upgrade my education level and be appointed as Supervisor in DA’s finance department. I like D.A’s work promotion policy as it support and encourage its women staff to upgrade their skills and compete for better positions. During my stay in DA, I worked in different departments at different capacities, and through that I benefited a lot and acquired a lot of skills. I am a living testimonial that DA Packaging is the best workplace for women employees that gives a chance to its women employees to upgrade their education and be transferred and promoted to better work position. I also witness that there is no discrimination and bad treatment based on your gender.


HR Officer

I am Sara, I started working at D.A Packaging in 2013 G.C. as Junior Operator in DA’s Carton factory and now changing my department and now I am working as HR Officer in DA’s Human Resource Management department. I like D.A’s flexible work environment as employees get priority for any internal job openings. All nationalities can apply for positions and all employees can grow through the process without any bias for their gender, ethnicity, and religious issues. Right now. As HR Officer, I witness that D.A Packaging PLC is the best workplace for all women employees as there are no biases and discrimination or bad treatment based on your gender.


Assistance Store Keeper

I am Almaz, I started working at D.A Packaging in 2001 G.C as a laborer in organizing cartoon products and now as a senior staff I got the opportunity to be promoted as assistance store keeper. As hard working employee, in addition to my carrier development, D.A gave me a financial support to complete the payment for my condominium house. I am one testimonial that D.A Packaging is the best workplace for women employees; there are no gender biases in the workplace.


Carton Factory Deputy Head

My name is Asnakechi, I started working in D.A Packaging in 2005 G.C . I started as a past and print employee. Going up the ladder, I am now I'm working as a Carton Factory Deputy Head. I feel D.A Packaging is a home place for me, and I'm a witness D.A is the best company for Women in all aspects. DA has also a friendly work environment with a very good team spirit.